Dr Hanan Al-Mutawa

Dr Hanan Al-Mutawa

PhD, MPhil (Oxford), MSc, BA, CELTA, DipEYF, DipIT, DipNursing

Through her ardent, tireless philanthropic interests and participation in MENA Politics and Economics; and her many Executive Board memberships over the past 24 years; Dr Hanan is considered to be a preeminent authority in her core field of Education.  With particular interests in Inclusion and Educational Diversity and Equality; Sustainable Transformational Educational Leadership and Management Policies; and the establishment of innovative Curriculum and Pedagogical imperatives in Kuwait and the GCC market, Dr Hanan presently serves on the Executive Boards of various education-related government committees such as the Supreme Education Council (SEC) for Kuwait by Amiri Decree and the National Centre for Education Development (NCED) by Ministerial Decree.

Dr Hanan speaks widely on Strategy, Management Systems, Competitiveness, Health Care Delivery, and related subjects, to Business, Government, Non-profit, and Humanitarian leaders.  Deeply passionate, dedicated and highly sought after, Dr Hanan also gives much of her time to numerous charitable endeavours supporting the local community and international organisations such as being an active member of the Kuwait Red Crescent Society since 1993; presently serving on the Executive Board.

Dr Hanan has been formally recognised for her work by way of Awards and Honours from numerous Embassies and Governments with the recently formed non-profit Education Consortium being the latest Award recipient for Outstanding Educational Service (UK, 2014) and being the personal recipient for Outstanding Personal Achievement in the Education and Childcare sector (UK, 2014), Female Entrepreneur of the Year in Europe, the Middle East & Africa (NYC, 2014), Women’s Comprehensive Development Excellence Award for the Arab World for Cultural Development (UAE, 2015), and Inspirational Female Leader of the Year with Exceptional Tangible Business Results (UAE, 2015).

Dr Hanan’s & Russell’s philosophy and ‘raison d’être’ is simple – they wish to “Embolden, Engage, Empower, and Serve the community at large”.


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